Social Network Platform Development

High Solutions develops several types of social network platforms. We create both broad and niche networks. These can be informational networks, educational platforms, dating networks, content and multimedia sharing networks, social connections and work-based platforms, commerce networks, and many others.

The platforms we build are web-based, hybrid, and mobile networks.  High Solutions builds only high-performance applications that stay ahead of the market and are free from distracting issues. We cannot allow our platforms to fall short of user expectations.

B2C Development

Crafting B2C platforms, we always define our audience first. High Solutions creates successful marketplace solutions that fit any industry, niche, and market. We create both global marketplace and local solutions, making our platforms super flexible for everyone.

We are oriented on minimizing risks and avoiding spending extra time and money. Our software solutions can be adapted to our business needs with anything from live chats and attractive accounts to different payment options and various marketing tools.

Technology Stack


• Socket.IO
• Java Socket Messenger
• Javescript Websocker, VoIP
• Drupal Chat (Drupal); HTML5 web socket, Client server chat C++
• Lara social
• Laravel Echo (Laravel)


• WotNot
• BotMan
• Chatfuel Amazon Lex, Botsify
• FB Messenger Platform
• Telegram Bot API


• NodeJS
• PHP frameworks, .NET
• Python
• C, C++